New Nursery Theme

As of today, Monica has arrived at the 30 week mark leaving us just 10 more weeks until she is at term. Monica has been frequenting Craig’s List and has gotten some great deals on toys and, more recently, a bedding set. With our purchase of the bedding set, our theme for the nursery has changed from nautical to transportation.

The new bedding set has bright, primary colors and pictures of trains, boats, airplanes, and cars on it. We were going to go with a blue-and-white color scheme for paint and fabrics, but this purchase opens the door to a much larger color palatte. Even though the theme is different, all of the nautical stuff we already have should fit right in since the boats and ships fit into the transportation theme. Here’s a picture of the quilt that came with the bedding set to help you visualize the new theme:

Travel System

Monica has had several dreams in which, when the baby arrives, we don’t have a car seat for him so he has to ride home rolling around on the floor of the car. Hopefully that dream will be a thing of the past after today.
Thanks to (soon to be Grandmother) Nina, we now have a great little travel system; it’s a combination stroller, carrier, and car seat. With the 30-week mark fast approaching, Monica, her mother, and her sister all went shopping this afternoon for various things including baby… stuff. Monica found a couple of cute gowns that fit the new nursery theme (I’ll have a picture of the new theme for you soon) as well as some little mittens to keep Offspring from scratching himself. The big purchase, though, was the Chicco travel system Monica and I wanted. The carrier is multi-purpose; the carrier locks into a base to serve as a car seat and it locks into a stroller for all those trips to the Zoo we’ll be making. Here’s a picture for everyone. Thank you Grandmother Lewis!