BIGGEST NEED: Money for purchasing Mechanic’s Tools

Caleb has learned that he needs about $10K worth of tools to get started, and, as long as he’s still a student, he can get them for half that. But $5K is still one heckuva lot of cash for a college student with a part-time job. So this is really his greatest desire this year. Money for tools.

Car (2004 Pontiac Grand Prix)

  • Bike rack

Sports and Scout Gear

  • Donation for Scouting activities
    Caleb is still active with troop 64 in a volunteer role, and assistance with uniforms, dues, and camping fees would be appreciated
  • Gift certificate to Outdoors Inc, Sports Authority, or Bass Pro Shop


  • Pirates Constructible Strategy Games
    (this is one of those expanding games that you can never have too many sets of)

Lego Sets

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