Baby Registries

Hallo–Monica here.  After the excitement of yesterday and finding out the sex of the baby, I’ve now gotten the baby registries essentially together.  We have two–one is the standard Babies R Us registry, which is available at and the other, which allows us to post items from a variety of websites, is (which also is linked under main menu here).  The two registries ARE redundant; most of the Babies R Us items are also posted under MyRegistry.  It would be most helpful if you purchase anything from Babies R Us to also indicate so on MyRegistry. 
We are thinking of doing a nautical theme in the nursery, with navy/white colors and whales, sailboats, etc.  We’ll even be able to use some of Andy’s photographs (from Baltimore).  Enjoy browsing on the registries!

It’s a… (Spoiler Alert!)

This is the appointment we’ve been anticipating since that stick showed two pink lines on it; the day we get to try to determine what gender offspring is.

Since this will be our first attempt at determining the gender of offspring, Monica invited her mom along just in case offspring cooperated with us. Offspring was very accommodating, bordering on exhibitionist. OK. You ready?
We’re going to have a boy! Here are a number of pictures for you, the last one will embarass offspring for the rest of his life.

Baby's Face3D BabyOffspring's SideOffspring RecliningIt's A Boy!

Curled Up In a Ball

Julie came for a visit this weekend so she and Monica and I all tromped over to the clinic to take a look at our offspring.
Offspring wasn’t very cooperative and was curled up in a ball on one side. While we could still make out the head, body, arms, and legs, everything was a big jumbled mess with feet over the baby’s head and arms practically everywhere. We can only hope this child will be more cooperative on Monday when we’re supposed to find out the sex of the baby.

Baby Needs Earplugs

Monica had a busy day in clinic today and didn’t get to eat much which made her feel light-headed. She didn’t want to drive home from the clinic until she felt better so she paid the baby a visit via ultrasound. I think the baby has its fingers in its ears in the second picture.

Reclining BabyBaby Is Still Reclining

That’s One Active Child

Monica and I had an evening free so we decided to sneak into the clinic and take a look at our baby-to-be.
Monica got the ultrasound machine warmed up, slathered on some of that goo, then drove the ultrasound wand around, showing me the various parts of our offspring. We could see the heart beating, which was really cool, but the most impressive thing – at least to me – was just how much this child moves. He… she…whichever… stretches, twirls, and kicks; I had no idea that babies were so active in-utero. It was frequently hard to get a good look at fingers or toes because offspring kept moving. It was a lot fun being able to see our baby, it kind of makes the reality of the coming addition to our life even more real. We’ve got a little less than three week before our ultrasound to determine the baby’s gender; I hope offspring is more cooperative and less restless then.

Baby’s Getting Bigger

Monica paid the baby a visit via ultra sound again today and came home with three new pictures. You can clearly see the outline of a tiny human and can see fingers, toes, arms and legs pretty clearly. Monica said the baby wiggled and turned for her while she was running the ultra sound on herself. She’s (He’s?) about four inches long now and has working joints. She’s also “breathing” amniotic fluid to help develop the air sacs in her lungs.

Baby RecliningBaby WavingBaby's Profile

Baby’s Second Doctor Visit

We went to the doctor again today and got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Dr. Byrd told us that everything looks good and that we can try to determine the baby’s gender at our 18-week appointment.

Baby’s First Doctor Visit

Monica had her first doctor’s appointment today and received a clean bill of health along with some suggestions for reducing her morning sickness. She also was given an ultra sound so, without further ado, here’s the baby’s second picture: 
Baby's First Doctor Visit

Baby Photography

With our first child on the way, I would really, really like to have two items in hand before she (?) arrives and, with everyone’s help ($), this could become a reality.

The first, and more reasonable item I would like to have is the Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM Autofocus Lens which costs $2,199. The second, and more difficult item for me to attain is the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III SLR Digital Camera which costs $7,999. Any and all contributions to help me acheive this goal are greatly appreciated. I can accept cash, checks, and paypal.

Total Donations: $0.00