Change is in the Air…

You’ve probably noticed that, since the first of this month, my personal web site has changed from static html pages to a dynamic site based on Joomla! content management software.

I have migrated this site to Joomla! after successfully implementing it at Yamaha of Millington. Another change I made was that I moved my photo gallery from a test server to the production server that serves up the pages for this site. There are two ways to get to the gallery now: either directly at, or by visiting the gallery that is embedded in this site – by clicking on the “Photo Gallery” button to the left there. I’ll continue to make changes and improvements to this site and I’ll be adding more photo albums as time allows. I hope you like the changes I’ve already made and that those changes will keep you coming back.

Welcome to the Griffin Family Web Site!

Thank you for visiting my family’s web site! The nature of this site has evolved over the years and it is now targeted specifically at members of my immediate family. If you have been to this site before and are looking for photos that used to be available here, you can most likely find them at my photography web site; if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, please contact me at the email address provided at that site. If you are looking for family news and updates, please feel free to browse the News and the Events sections; anything we are comfortable sharing with the World is there. For the safety and security of our family, we are no longer providing non-family members access to any other content within this site. You can also find us on FaceBook.